How to use Cyren@PH's VPN for Unlimited (not free) Internet

If you would like to save load money while experiencing an unlimited mobile data connection for your mobile phone or PC/Laptop (via usb or wireless tethering), I will definitely suggest you try Cyren@PH's Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Honestly, I haven't fully grasped how do VPNs work, but just as we know that the knowledge of how vehicle engines work are not a requirement in driving a vehicle, knowing how VPNs work is just as irrelevant in being able to use VPNs.

All I know is that Cyren@PH's app allows me to enjoy unlimited mobile data internet without me loading (topping up) or registering to Smart or Globe's a bit pricey mobile data promos.

Let's admit it, it really is frustrating seeing a text message that our mobile data promo is either already fully consumed days before the expiration date, or has just expired by date, without fully consuming the data allowance. 

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Alright, let's get to the point! Here are the instructions on HOW TO USE CYREN@PH'S VPN. Please take note, you will be needing initial internet connection to download and update the Cyren@PH app. I suggest using those one-hour a day free WiFi internet from establishments like Waltermart, SM, Robinson, etc, then switching to Mobile Data connection to test if it's working. :)

  1. On your Android Device (sorry no Iphone compatibility as of the moment), download and install Cyren@PH's app using our favorite Google Play Store. (For PC/Laptop, download the latest version as of 7/15/18 from this link:

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  3. Once installed, run Cyren@PH app and update it to the latest version. you can do this by tapping on About > Server Updates > Online, then Apply Now. (For PC/Laptop, since you've already downloaded the latest version, no need to perform an update).

  4. You will be needing a Cyren@PH VPN account in order to gain access to the VPN service. It costs Php 120.00 for 30 days Premium Account or 15 days VIP (Exclusive) Account. Good news is, you can request for a Trial Premium Account which would only be good for 2 hours. You can PM me at to request for a trial account, and I will be more than happy to create one for you.

  5. Once you already have your Cyren@PH VPN account, you can input your "Username" and "Password" below the "LOGIN INFORMATION" section. But before you hit the "Connect" button, do select the correct "SERVER AND NETWORK" settings for you.

    As of the time of writing, the latest version is at 3.37, but the picture above clearly says version 3.29 only. In the latest version, the account type is shown first and Country Server Options vary depending whether you chose VIP or Premium. Lastly is the Network and Promo Options.

    I suggest you check every Promo option for your preferred network, so you can determine which Promos can be used, as well as which ones will fit your needs depending on the promo inclusions, expiration date, or the affordability.

    Once you have selected the different settings, and have made sure you're username and password are correct, just hit the connect button. You will then be prompted if you would like to allow the VPN to intercept all network traffic. Just hit OK so that you can enjoy some unlimited inetrnet.
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