Top Reasons Why No One Responds to Your Call Center Job Openings, and How To Remedy This Problem

Shout out nga po pala sa mga ka member ko sa Facebook group na Pinoy Call Center Agents, sa mga kapwa ko dedicated, responsable at masisipag na Call Center Agents, at pati na rin sa mga POWER na POWER kumita ng referrral bonus sa kanilang ERP (Employee Referral Program)! Shout out na rin po sa mga BPO Vendors, Sourcing, Headhunters, at mga Call Center Agencies na bumabasa sa blog post ko na ito. Mabuhay po tayong lahat! Kahit papaano po ay napupunuan natin ang ever increasing demand for more Call Center Agents na nagpapatakbo sa BPO Industry natin.

I am here to list some Reasons kung bakit kakaunti (kung meron man), at bakit ba tila wala halos nagrerespond sa mga Call Center Job openings natin sa iba't ibang Call Center groups na sinalihan natin.

I just can't help but wonder lang kasi, when I visit my Facebook group Pinoy Call Center Agents, I saw my job opening posts, and a lot of other job opening posts from the other members, without any likes, reaction or even comments! Pwede natin sabihin na it's understandable, kasi kakaunti pa lang members as of this moment (a little above 18,000 members as of this writing) compared sa ibang Call Center groups out there, which has 180,000 or more members. But still, not having any response to most of the posts on the group? It feels like the group is a failure right? OR IS IT???

I wouldn't be writing this blog if this is all for nothing di ba? Do stick around, and we will figure things out. And I promise you, I will be able to help you increase your response rate, as well as convert your response rate into actual referral bonus. :)

Ok, so let us start. Why are most of our posts don't have any response at all?

In order to answer this question, let me tell you a story about how this Pinoy Call Center Agent group was started. I started this group about eight years ago, in the hopes of making a community for Filipino call center agents, so we can make friends, chat with each other, ask for help, give advise, as well as help people to be hired as call center agents.

I still remember how I added every Facebook friend who I know to be working at a Call Center, as well as my family and relatives, para hindi naman dumami at hindi bokya ang membership ng group na sinimulan ko. I also remember sending private messages (PM) to my friends in the group to add their friends and other call center agents that they know into the group, syempre para dumami ang tao sa group! Networking na itu! Please share and like my group, and please tag your friends as well, charot, hahaha!

You can feel my excitement noon, kasi it was year 2010, it felt like isa ako sa very few tao na nagsimula o gumawa ng Facebook group for Call Center Agents! Oh, what a time to be alive, hahaha!

However, after a few days and a few weeks passed by. It's like I failed to transfer my excitement to the very first members of the group. Mangilan-ngilan lang yata sa mga friends ko ang nag-reply sa PM ko requesting them to add their call center friends. I felt ignored, unimportant, and being laughed at, kahit hindi naman pala. It is just that, there are some reasons why this is happening, even today, sa mga job opening posts natin... So why did this really happen?

Thinking about this right now, I realized na ngayon ko lang yata matatanong sarili ko kung bakit ganun nga ang nangyari. Then, narealize ko din, napaka simple nga lang pala ng mga reasons na ito, kung bakit wala man lang yata halos ang napakiusapan ko mag add ng mga friends nila sa group. Possible kaya na ito ding mga reasns na ito ang nagiging dahilan kung bakit walang nagrerespond sa mga posts natin dito sa group?

Reality minus Expectation = REALIZATION (just kidding)

Reasons Why No One Responded to my Request

(Each reasons to be explained in more detail next time...) 

Reason No. 1 - My friends back then have zero or very limited access to Facebook, if they even use Facebook at all.

Reason No. 2 - Most of them are very busy.

Reason No. 3 - They're not interested.

Reason No. 4 - Some are looking for something in return for their efforts.

Reason No. 5 - I failed to specify the purpose and the reason for the existence of my Facebook group.

Reason No. 6 - I failed to engage and interact with the "community".

Reason No. 7 - I lost interest with the group, and did not care at all, until recently...

Ulitin ko lang po, "intro" lang po ito sa main topic natin, and the real reasons will be given on the next blog article okay? Hope you understand! Salamat po sa pagbisita at pagbasa!

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