Reasons Why No One Responds to Your Call Center Job Openings, and How To Remedy This Problem (Part 2)

Reasons Why No One Responded to my Request

Reason No. 1 - My friends back then have zero or very limited access to Facebook, if they even use Facebook at all.

It was around the year of 2010-2011 (can't remember exactly), Facebook was just 6-7 years old that time (FB was launched 2/4/04). Facebook was indeed popular, pero wala pa masyadong access ang mga tao dito ng panahong ito, compared to today. Think about it, iilan pa lang yata may mobile phones noon, or ako lang walang idea na usong uso na mobile phones noon? So the only way to access Facebook during this time was by either owning a PC or laptop, or by going into a computer shop/internet cafe. I can imagine my officemates noon sa Convergys Nuvali, as well as most of the Call Center agents this time, they really don't own  PCs or laptops. 

My office mates (and other call center agents working in and around Nuvali Sta Rosa) were mostly renting an apartment or bedspacer sa Mesa Homes near Nuvali para malapit lang sa office ang uuwian nila. Since they were only going to their temporary "home" during weekdays after shift, I believe they didn't bring their computers or laptops in Mesa Homes when they had to relocate, if they ever owned one. So it's safe to say that they can only access Facebook during their weekends or their 2 days Off from work, or when they really need to do an hour or so computer rental sa isang internet cafe. As we know, Facebook access is very much prohibited sa work place, even kahit ngayon. 

Let me guess, 50% of Call Center agents this time definitely have very limited access to Facebook (is that fair enough or not? If you have a different estimate, do comment below). And how about today? What percentage ng mga call center agents ang apektado ng very limited na access sa Facebook today? Meron pa nga ba kahit max at 20%? Kahit nga free data Facebook and messenger possible ngayon di ba? Ang laki talagang tulong ng technology and mobile phones ngayon ano?

Reason No. 2 - Most of them are very busy.

Putting aside my office mates and call center friends that had very limited or no access to Facebook, let's say a third of them (33%) who have their own PC/laptop or mobile phones but are still too busy to log-in to their Facebook accounts. Most of these people are unable to go online, probably because they're tired from work (OT anyone?), or simply had other much more important things to do.

We all know that feeling, yung itchiness or excitement to press that log-out button from our AVAYA phones at the exact moment our shift ends, right??? And then quickly ride our HONDA motorbikes/cars out of the office as soon as we possibly can, tama ba?!? (only real call center agents will get that! lol).

So most of call center agents, whether having access to Facebook or not, are also sometimes feeling the urgency of getting out of the offices as we possibly can! I remember before, we had lots of AVAIL time (a warning sign in BPO accounts) in my previous Healthcare account in Convergys Nuvali, that the workforce team had to offer Voluntary Time Offs (VTOs) to agents so they can log-out immediately and go home unpaid, even though it was just 2 hours when we logged-in. Guess what? Suki ako sa mga pa VTO nila dati! Sarap nga nung pakiramdam maglakad papuntang Paseo Sta Rosa sa ilalim ng matinding sikat ng Buwan, kahit magisa lang ako ng mga 12am twilight, para humanap ng masasakyang tricycle and go straight home! You know why I did that before? Diba masarap ang nasa bahay lang, matulog or maglaro ng games, or spend time with my wife and daughter, etc! Sorry introvert person here, I don't really do walwalan or inuman, or party party social events sa totoo lang.

We have different sorts of people in the BPO industry: introvert, extrovert, male, female, and the in-betweens, moms, dads, singles, in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, etc. We all have different things in mind before and after we go to the office: the families or significant others we left waiting at home, barkadas, amigos, amigas, mga beshies natin, hobbies, sports, or online games we are leveling up or completing/achieving, relationships budding or developing, academics or sideliness/businesses we are pursuing, even spiritual growth we are aiming! This means, we have different motives, agendas and to-do lists on our head hours even before the end of our shift. 

Pero meron pa ba ako noon na mga friends and co-agents na merong access sa Facebook at other times of the day? Meron ba kaya sa kanila na hindi naman ganun ka busy? Syempre meron din naman kahit papaano. So that means pwede nila ako pagbigyan sa request ko na mag-add din ng ibang call center agent friends nila sa group tama? 

"Pwide, piro dipinde..."

Reason No. 3 - They're not interested.

So, total call center agent friends and relatives I know minus those who don't have Facebook access, minus those who are too busy to do me a favor equals not a lot of people. Of all the remaining people sa list ko, I can tell that 50% does not have any spec of interest in connecting to a call center agency. Probably they don't even like me in any way! Sabihin na lang siguro sa sarili nila, or possibly automatic response nila nung makita nila PM ko: "WTF?!? HELL NO!!! Why whould I do that? Pakialam ko sayo and sa group mo? I'll just go join and connect with "Kilay is Life" Facebook group instead."

How about the other 50% who are interested in any way? Now I will be using Pareto's 80/20 rule. The 20% will go ahead and do it because they have nothing else interesting to do, unlike those who are busy and uninterested. That leaves us with the remaining 80%, and...

Reason No. 4 - They are looking for something in return for their efforts.

They will only be willing to do it for something in return. One or two of these people may want to reply to me directly: "What's in it for me?", but thankfully wala naman nag message sakin ng ganyan.

However, this is just an automatic filter in our brain before we do any request from someone. "What will I gain for this?" "What value will this add to my life?" Good thing is, sometimes we need to think for a while before we realize that somebody's request may actually be beneficial to us, kahit konti lang.

So from these people who needs to be convinced, let's say mapapakiusapan natin ang kalahati.

To recap, let us check the percentage of those who may respond to my request of adding their friends and relatives to my Pinoy Call Center Agents Facebook group.

If I had messaged 100 people to add people to the group:

100 people who are Call Center Agents - 50% who doesn't have access to Facebook = 50.
50 people who have access to Facebook - 33% who are too busy = about 34.
34 not so busy people - 50% uninterested = 17.
17 interested people - 20% will invite people to the group = around 4.
13 people (80% of 17) are looking for something in return - 50% convinced = around 6
4 + 6 people = a total of 10 people out in 100, which is 10%.

Here are other reasons why I wasn't able to maximize my success.

Reason No. 5 - I failed to specify the purpose and the reason for the existence of my Facebook group.

Reason No. 6 - I failed to engage and interact with the "community".

Reason No. 7 - I lost interest with the group, and did not care at all, until recently...

From these reasons I have given, I believe you can somehow understand why no one seems to responds to our Call Center Agent job openings na pinopost natin sa iba't ibang groups. But here are some of the reason's why that is happening:

  • Lots of competition - ang daming posts about Call Center Jobs in the group.
  • Not bumping or "UP"-ing your post - this refreshes your post so that it goes to the top of the posts, even though it is not a newly created post
  • You're target market is not included in the group - the group are full of people looking for call center agent applicants, unfortunately there are no call center agent applicants in the group.
  • Your post is not interesting enough, and lastly
  • Your BPO company is not on the top of Call Center applicants company list.


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