Latest Cryptocurrency News: Tone Vays' Bitcoin Bottom, HTC Exodus, and Facebook Coin

And now for some of the latest Cryptocurrency news:

Tone Vays Bitcoin Bottom Price Target

Let's start with the latest Bitcoin news. The excruciating pain continues for Bitcoin Hodlers today as Bitcoin dips closer to $5,000. Could this be the bottom for Bitcoin before it reached another All Time High? A lot of us hope so...

Legendary technical analyst Tone Vays is continuously bearish on his price prediction as he repeatedly compares the 2014/2015 Bitcoin bear market to the present Bitcoin correction from the all time high of $19,000.

He is actually predicting a 53% chance of Bitcoin bottoming in a little bit below $5000, and 25% chance that Bitcoin finally touching the ever elusive "Thirteen Hundred Dollar" low.

But if you maintain a "Grateful State of Mind," you will be able to relax amidst the chaos, and be able to appreciate the once in a lifetime opportunity to "BUY THE DIPS"!!! Remember, we are at the brink of the incoming Cryptocurrency Mass Adoption! So make sure you use the cost averaging system as you buy the dip in cyrptocurrencies.

Buy the Dip!

HTC Exodus

Speaking of the mass adoption, HTC announced thei plans of launching "the world's first native blockchain phone" two weeks before the company released their latest flagship device HTC U12+ last May 23, 2018. As per their website at

Our vision is to expand the blockchain ecosystem by creating the world’s first phone dedicated to decentralized applications and security. With the release of the HTC Exodus we can now make this a reality.  
With over two decades of experience manufacturing the world’s leading smartphones, and shipping over 100 million phones, we believe we can help reshape the internet with the HTC Exodus. Join us and together we will make decentralization a reality.

HTC Exodus

However, it is not just HTC who is interested to expand into Cryptocurrencies. Facebook is contemplating on doing a crypto coin of its own. HOW EXCITING INDEED! :)

Facebook Cryptocurrency Coin 

An article from Recode reported that David Marcus, the Facebook executive in charge of Messenger "is leaving Messenger to take over a new internal team dedicated to exploring blockchain technology..."

Marcus confirmed this report by posting this on his Facebook wall last May 9:

Accoring to Cheddar insiders: "Facebook is exploring the creation of its own cryptocurrency, a virtual token that would allow its billions of users around the world to make electronic payments..."

Are you excited to participate with the coming "FaceCoin" ICO? Stay tuned for the next Cryptonews article! Thanks for reading and happy investing!


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