How I Passively Earned $150 (7,500 PHP) From A Complete and Total Stranger

I just want to share to you a true story that happened to me lately. In fact, it hasn't yet been a full two weeks since the day Mr. Complete/Total Stranger and I have met each other, and dealt a very unusual business transaction online.

Could this be a mere coincidence? Or was it a plain and simple miracle, or magnetic attraction in any way?

Is it just purely a Coincidence?

I consider this business deal unusual, because I cannot accept that these events just happened by mere chance. First of, I did not in any way promote or intend this business transaction, and I wasn't even aware that this transaction can happen.

The timing was also perfect, that the events (literal events) seems connected to each other. It's really hard to explain, so I better let you decide by telling the whole story as it happened.

Just a disclaimer, this story may be personally revealing, and may cause an unpleasant feeling of unease to the reader. 

Last June 8, 2018 (Friday), was my last shift date for the week and I'm looking forward to my weekends off for me to rest and spend time with my family, among others.

If it isn't yet obvious, I work as a Call Center Agent at a BPO company here in Eastwood City Libis, and I work on a night shift, starting from 9:00 PM to 6:00 AM.

And since I was in a Social Media Team, I was able to notice in my Facebook wall that there was an exciting event happening nearby after my shift ends!

It was a great opportunity to finally be able to attend to this event since this was usually done in UP Diliman every Saturdays at exactly 6:00 AM, the same time my shift ends.

"Who the h*!! goes to a weekly event at six in the morning? And just what kind of event is this???"

It is actually a weekly prayer meeting for those committed (God seeking) members of Destiny Church. I actually dreamed of being able to regularly attend this Weekly Prayer Meeting as well, for my own spiritual and personal growth.

Unfortunately, my work schedule and location  hinders me from being able to attend on time. And since this only lasts for just an hour, I decided it just wasn't meant for me yet, and it's better to just wait for a simultaneous event to happen within the proximity of Eastwood City, in the near future.

But last June 9, 2018 was a special day. Finally, there came an opportunity for me to be able to attend, even for one time only. Hopefully this EVENT happen monthly.

My dream event! :D

It wasn't just that the event will be starting at 7:00 AM, it was actually to be held at the Main CCF Church located near Tiendesitas!

I remember my reaction when I saw this event:

"Wow, just one jeepney ride away from here! I will definitely be able to attend this one. I certainly won't let this one pass!"

And as I was happily scrolling down my Facebook wall, excited for the coming end of my shift, I saw ANOTHER EVENT which was scheduled to take place at the same place, just a little while after the previous event!

What a COINCIDENCE(?), I'll be able to hit two birds with one stone! 

Wow, a bonus event! This is great!

"Duh? What does these have to do with passively earning $150 from a complete and total stranger? Is this some kind of a spiritual or mystical attraction marketing stuff?"

Please read on my friend. :)

Could this be a Miracle?

As Call Center Agents and as employees in general, we are very much aware of our payday cycles. And if you're like me, you've also experienced these what we call "Dangerous Times" (or Petsa de Peligro in layman terms).

The payday cycle in my BPO Company does not differ with other employees. We also receive our pay during our favorite dates: the Akinse and Katapusan.

And since June 9 was still 5-6 more days from the next payout, my wife and I are very much in a tight budget that time. When I say "tight budget," believe me when I say I have to ask and list every expenses we made, in order to at least "discourage" my wife from purchasing "unnecessary" items. And that's still me "putting it lightly." :D

I remember attending both events not knowing that there was a small registration fee for the second event. Good thing I have spare cash that time, but that convinced me to later withdraw from my emergency funds a bit liberally, instead of my initial plans of extending our budget as thin as possibly can.

I said to myself, "This small registration fee shouldn't even be considered a hindrance for me to help pay for the venue's rent." I also knew that what I will be learning, acquiring, and "investing" from these two events are definitely much more important, and cannot even be quantified in terms of money.

After these events finished, I can only remember buying lunch for my family, having a little movie time while we ate our lunch, and then me retiring for the day, with a very much deserved sleep.

I woke up around midnight or 1am, since my body clock was already conditioned for the usual night shift.

While scrolling through my Facebook, I saw a Message Request which was actually sent 4-5 hours earlier, while I was still sleeping. The message reads:

Bear Face to censor identity of Mr. Stranger.

Hours passed before I heard again from this stranger. I actually wasn't in any way looking forward to his reply, since I thought he will just ask general questions or perhaps will ask me for my support to a Call Center organization, or what not.

But then, I was blown away from his next message...


What would you feel if you were in my shoes?

Not to be a "Pakipot" or something, and also being skeptical of scammers and swindlers, I initially refused his "too good to be true offer from Heaven."

I did need the money, but I still really love what he is wanting to purchase. I honestly will feel a bit of me will be lost if I ever sell this "property" away.

Going once, going twice, SOLD???

I almost said yes to his offer of $100 because of limited budget at that particular moment, but the love and the appreciation of the true worth or value of the "property" he is buying made me ask for double his initial offer.

Bitcoin does work!

To cut the long story short, we did a bitcoin transfer since it was faster and less of a hassle.

Thank you Mr. Complete and Total Stranger!

The transaction was over in less than two hours. If not for typhoon "Domeng," the internet connection would have been smoother and the transaction could have been done faster.

You can say that this could all have been planned, organized or rehearsed. I can also place here the proof that I received payment from him, and someone can still shout "FAKE, HOAX, FABRICATED!!!"

The question is, what if this is really a TRUE STORY???

Bitcoin this time was trading at around $7,350 per BTC

Could it also be Magnetic Attraction?

Let's review a bit. Since this business transaction happened:

  1. All by Mr. Teddy Bear's initiative, 
  2. Without any advertisement or effort on my part (it didn't even occur to me that I could) sell this "property", 
  3. We needed additional budget to "make end's meet'
  4. The transaction happening in less than 2 hours, and
  5. All this happened in between two Destiny events and before going to Destiny Church Service,
these reasons made me unable to accept that this is just a mere coincidence.

However, we can all admit and call this as a Miracle, Divine Intervention, or a blessing from God; as it definitely is.


Can it also be "Magnetic Attraction" in any way? That there could be something in me, or something I have done previously, that made Mr. Teddy Bear wanting to buy something from me?

I think it is a possibility. I will soon list all the things I believe may have directly or indirectly affected his decision in my next blog article.

But you know what?

What if I ask him directly for the reason why he purchased this from me?

I may be completely wrong, but so what??? What could I possibly lose right?

Alright, let me go ahead and ask Mr. Teddy Bear why... :)

Stay Tuned, and thanks so much for reading!!!


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