Worst Spending Habits Call Center Agents Need To Break

Borrowing money to pay another debt is a common story here in Philippines. Though most of the people may find this a “common” scene and seems like there’s nothing to worry, on a financial perspective, this is very alarming.

Financial debt is increasing in the Philippines. If we will not take action to solve this financial issue, we’ll surely see our fellow Filipino kababayan swimming in debt. This blog is to help fellow Filipinos to increase their awareness in financial matters of life. If you are one of us, help us spread the word in this awareness campaign.

Listed below are Filipino spending habits that are commonly seen in the Philippines. We hope by the end of this post, you’ll be more aware of these bad money habits and take action.

Saying that you can is one thing, but proving it is another thing.

Mañana habit

Many Filipinos despite knowing how important it is to save especially for emergency use, it seems they tend to ignore saving money and procrastinate rather. This is because of the lack of discipline. This one may hurt many readers but it’s true. When the need arise, they always use what they’ve learned from school, cramming. Sad truth isn’t it?

For us to overcome this mañana habit, we need to discipline ourselves and learn how to get away from bad habits.

Live life to the fullest (YOLO'ing)

This is one of the most evil advice you can get in your life. Why? This may seem good if you got a narrow thinking. You might say “Yeah, I only live once so I’ve got to live my life to the fullest” then you go party every weekends, do impulsive shopping, buy unnecessary things for short term pleasure. Then go broke in the future.

This piece of evil advice has blinded many people to enjoy the short term pleasures not seeing the long term effect in the future.

Bahala na si Batman

This statement comes from people who don’t have any plans at all. Most of the Filipinos don’t know how prepare for the future. Most of the people are enticed with the ever wallet-magnetizing, 70% off the tag sales promo from the malls. They entrust their future to the fictional character Batman.

When one of the family gets sick, guess what? A big surprise! They got no emergency funds to use for the hospitalization of their loved ones.

And  another guess what? No surprise. They will borrow money with high interest rates which is nearly impossible for them to pay. Hey! Where’s batman?!?

Pakikisama and Libre

Birthdays, Fiestas, Christening, and all these kinds of events are the making Filipinos broke! You’ve hear these lines before.. “Painom ka naman!” (You’ll shoulder the drinks), “Oh Ikaw taya ngayon!” (You’ll shoulder the expenses), “Sayo ang inumin, sayo ang pulutan” (A birthday song). (wag kang ngang ano)

Since it has been the tradition for many Filipinos to serve food for events through borrowed money, we find it hard to refuse these kind of situations as this has become our predisposition. Para makisama.

Hiya Factor

This is one of the saddest part of our culture I should say. When we were young, we tend to keep silent rather than ask regarding things we don’t know. Why? because those who ask questions, those who shows innocence, will most likely be ridiculed. As a result, we tend to play safe, keep it in ourselves, and miss the chance to learn and grow.

We should realize that it’s okay to look stupid at first then be smart for the rest of our lives than to look smart and all-knowing but know nothing really at all.

If you need advice, you can always look for the right people using the technology. There are bunch of people out there who help especially those who are willing to learn.


Don’t be one of  the social climbers! Don’t be an attention whore. Get yourself away from these kind of people or you might acquire their poor characters. Don’t get yourself envy about other people’s new gadget. These things will only force you have bad filipino spending habits.

Asses what you need. Live below your means.

Investing in get rich quick scams

This is not surprising. From the lazy lifestyle and impatient attitude people have these days, it’s not surprising that many Filipinos will fall for these get rich quick scams that are popping out like mushrooms in Philippines.

Most of the Filipinos who join legitimate network marketing businesses here in our country don’t succeed in this kind of business. Again, it is because of the wrong mind setting. Most of the people fall for the trap of opportunity these network marketing companies use in their strategies, “Earn big while waiting”.

There’s no such thing as that..

All businesses struggled at first before they have the passive type of income they are enjoying right now. Top business people know these things. Though most of them are now rich but they do still work to maintain and expand more their businesses.

If you have any of these, you better assess yourself and quit these bad habits. If you have stories to share, let’s talk it down the comment area.

(source: http://www.powerpinoys.com/spending-habits-filipinos-need-to-break/)


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