It is all about your JOURNEY in life

Being a Most Vauable Player is just an expression, materialization or translation of who you really are inside.

All your achievements, possessions, worth, ideas, faith, dreams, aspirations, materialization, when everything you wanted, everything intangible in your mind, heart and soul has become TANGIBLE, all of these tangibles are just the tip of an iceberg.

What people see, what you can show is just the tip of the iceberg; immaterial, i mean, these does not matter. Cars, houses, doodads, achievements, etc., these are just a foretaste to people of your worth and value.

What lies beyond the tip of the iceberg? What is it below the waters, what makes that tip of the iceberg stand tall? is it just an ice island? is it shallow? OR IS IT SOLID??? DOES IT HAVE A GRAND FOUNDATION??? How come this tip of the iceberg stands?

This foundation of the tip of the iceberg IS WHO YOU ARE INSIDE. The journey you had in life, the lessons you learned, the hardships and difficulties. The people who you learned from. GOD. He is the one who shapes us, who shapes the our foundation. IT IS GOD WHO RAISES UP THIS TIP OF THE ICEBERG THAT PEOPLE MAY HAVE SEEN.

"Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye." - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

God sees the invisible foundation below the iceberg. He sees our hearts, and when we are ready, He gives us the power to create wealth or reputaion or title.

"It is really not about the destination, but it is about your journey in life."


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