Work Work! - A Guide to Worker's Hammer Production

Welcome again to CivWorld Tutorial Philippines! Personally, I want all my citizens on CivWorld as farmers so I can generate as many citizens as fast as possible. Unfortunately, I cannot do that without hammers. It is actually called "Production" in CivWorld, but it's kinda confusing. We know now how to produce food, but how do we produce "Production"? Produce "Production" productively. So let's call "production" as hammers from now on.

Hammers are generated by Workers working in the City or can be purchased from the market, and is used to build new Buildings and Military Units. Hammers are stockpiled automatically and can be spent by visiting the Build Menu from within the City screen.

Citizens in the city can be assigned the job "Worker" to produce Hammers. Workers working in the city require at least one raw resource patch nearby. This can be either a Forest, a Stone Quarry, or an Iron Mine. Workers working in the city gain a boost from nearby buildings depending on what type of raw resource they are working:

  • Workers working in a forest gain a boost from a nearby Lumber Mill.
  • Workers working in a stone quarry gain a boost from a nearby Stone Mason.
  • Workers working in an iron mine gain a boost from a nearby Iron Forge.
  • Workers working with any production resource with a nearby Factory will gain an even larger boost than either the Lumber Mill, Stone Mason or Iron Forge.
The best resource for workers at this moment would be trees or forest. Forest adds happiness and are usually near each other, so we can build one Lumber mill for a group of workers. Let's proceed by converting our second and third farmer into workers. Don't worry, after we accumulate enough hammers, we will turn them back to farmers, or other job type as needed.

We will also need to recycle those gardens back to hammers so we can build an upgraded lumber mill. To recycle a building, click on the build menu, then select "Move/Recycle". After clicking on a garden, you will recover 100 hammers back. That command is by default a move command so it is waiting for you to specify another location for the garden. To cancel that waiting command, click on the build menu again, then click on the "X" icon to cancel.

To find out the best location for your workers, you need to scout your map by building a guard tower. Build guard towers sparingly though, because you can only recycle them at 50% of their cost. Build one near trees to reveal that area.

Jackpot! Now move your worker's house next to those trees and build a lumber mill near them. By the way trees has a base capacity of 15 hammers, the only way to increase that is by building a road on it.

In this picture, I was able to upgrade the lumber mill only once because of lack of hammers. Nevertheless I have increased my workers productivity to 12 and 14 already. Not bad compared to my farmer's 15 productivity with an already Ginormous granary. I wonder how productive my workers would be if I upgrade this lumber mill to ginormous.

I don't feel like using my harvests yet, i'd rather wait for my production to stockpile back to 300 so I can upgrade my lumber mill to ginormous, then possibly I will be harvesting by that time. I'll check  after 5 to 6 hours, or maybe tomorrow perhaps. That's the only drawback of this game, it's kinda slow especially when you're still starting. It is also advantageous as it is not that pressuring to play this game every once in a while.

So much for today I guess. I promise, CivWorld will be much more exciting as time passes by, and especially when you have Filipino Civ mates playing with you. Thanks again for reading CivWorld Tutorial Philippines! I am Paulo Baldemor, click on my name and add me up as your facebook friend. Come let us play CivWorld together!. Let's conquer the World, Socially, possibly with our Philippine Empire!

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