The Pros and Cons of Working in a Call Center in the Philippines

My purpose of writing this article is for people who are planning to get into the Call Center Industry and as well for people who are currently in the Industry to mainly re-evaluate their career in this field.

Let us start with the Pros of working in a Call Center in the Philippines:

Working in a Call Center is considered as one of the most high-paying job in the Philippines.

University diploma is usually not required as long as you are 18 years old, you are knowledgeable in using the computer and most Microsoft office applications and you speak good English, you are eligible to apply.

The trainings are also free; you get to be compensated already while you are on training. There is also no age-limit.Even students can work in a Call Center since the Schedules are very flexible day and night, so they can work nights and study mornings or vice versa, being said that for everyone’s sake yes guys, there are also Day Shifts in Call centers, most clients are Australians and people from the UK.

Most Call Centers also provide their employees Health cards for them and their family. They also provide you with Term Life Insurance Plans and even Tuition Fee reimbursements. On most companies also upon regularization you get additional perks and privileges like Appraisals, Rice Subsidy and Gym discounts and a lot more.
Talking on a different page if you are single and ready to mingle, the Call Center industry also gets large pool of Good Looking men and women as most of them are yuppies and newly grads.

Gaining promotions in this industry is also easy; if you’re a team player, and you are knowledgeable enough to handle your tasks efficiently then you can get a promotion. What is also different is that in the Call Center Industry, you can get apromotion as early as 3 months, unlikely to that of the regular jobs.

And I guess the least that they realize is that they get to experience indirectly how it is to work overseas specifically in the united states, they also get the chance to jump into the western culture since most of the
clients/customer’s they are dealing with are westerns.

After the Pros, It’s time to talk about the Cons:

Since most of the clients of Call Center in the Philippines are Western Countries like The United States, Canada and the like, most of the Call Centers in the Philippines starts their operations during the night since
the Philippine time is directly opposite to the time in the United states and Canada and the like, so these means Night Shifts and Graveyard shifts for their employees.There is also no assurance of retaining a specific schedule throughout the year compared to normal day jobs, in a call center shifts are flexi meaning it can change on a weekly basis, monthly or quarterly too which also means that there are no guarantees that you will get a week-end rest.

You at times may also have to work on Philippine Holidays since you are following a different calendar, time and also you are supporting a different country with a whole different sets of their own holidays, so more likely that you will also follow their holidays instead, but take note that there are also 24/7 accounts so the operations is 24 hours a day and 7 days a week which means that at time you might also work even on your client’s holidays.

Health is one of the greatest risk in this industry if you do not know how to balance your work – home life, since you most likely work at night, you tend to sleep all day long when everyone else is up and you may also lose your Body Clock and may most likely be a result of non-regular meal times and eating habits, lastly Call Center agents accounts to at least 30-40% of tobacco use in the country.

Domestic issues and other sort of relationship issues from family and friends and everyone else may also account to this type of job since it is a bit challenging for you to cope up to everyone in your family and with your friends who are most likely working the normal day jobs. Turning to the other page, Call Center people party hard during the Morning and also gets that tendencies of being alcoholic because drinking in the
morning after shifts helps you sleep better in the morning when the sun is shining bright.Not to mention the risks of you getting hold-up, snatched and abused when traveling going to work on wee hours.

Lastly when your client or so called accounts in the CC you are into pulled out or closed down, you will have to either resign or wait in floating status for you to transferred into any other clients/accounts available.

Now that you are aware of the Pros and Cons of working in a call center in The Philippines, It is all up to you if you will live up to the challenge and get paid really BIG Time or stick with the regular low-paying Day Jobs.



Jason Norin said…
Aside from acquiring your own 1800 Number, recruiting credible agents and good company stature will keep the business strong.

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