MAGNETIC SPONSORING versus Traditional Networking

Hello there and welcome to Today I'm gonna share with you Mike Dillard's MAGNETIC SPONSORING Concept.

This concept is so powerful and revolutionary, it has changed how I perceive and do my Network Marketing Business. It has FREED me from my TRADITIONAL WAY of Prospecting, Inviting, Giving Out Flyers, Showing the Plan, bugging my friends, relatives, co-workers and almost everyone else I fell into conversation with.

Before, just like everyone else, I used to do the usual 100 to 200 Names Prospect List, then start to chase those prospects down. I also used to Categorize my Prospects, grouping them according to who has the most Money, Time, Connections, or even just plain interest to my business.

It was a Numbers Game, the more prospect I have listed and categorized down, the More CHANCES I have of sponsoring someone. So off I go! Doing my list from top to bottom.

From Sending Mass Invitation Text Messages to all the Contacts listed on my phone, to Calling some of them who I am personally close with, to Scouring down the whole town  whenever there was a Business Opportunity Meeting, to knocking on their doors for a two hour Personal Business Opportunity Presentation, etcetera etcetera.

Then finally, the time always come when I totally exhaust my personal Prospect ListBut still hyped up and fired up by my Previous MLM Company and Uplines, I started to produce my own calling cards  and flyers/leaflet. 


Off I went to the Streets, enthusiastically handling out flyers to everyone I greet and meet. I gave out flyers to those who printed it, to the tricycle and jeepney driver, and to my co passengers whenever I rode on a Public Utility Vehicle. Heck, I even left some flyers on the Jeepney Terminals!

With the efforts I exerted I should be successful right?!? WRONG! Actually, I was a complete failure with my Previous MLM Company. Why??? Because I was taught and has been doing a COMPLETELY OBSOLETE Method of doing Network Marketing.


That is when I stumbled upon Mike Dillard's MAGNETIC SPONSORING. 

So! What really is Magnetic Sponsoring? Is it a much more complex way of doing the MLM? Fortunately for us, it is NOT.

Actually it is a very simple CONCEPT.  It is just the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of the Traditional Way of Doing MLMInstead of us CHASING DOWN our Prospects, it is LETTING THEM COME TO US themselves. 


Do you hate Calling your prospects? Why not let them call you instead? Do you hate approaching strangers and asking them if they might be interested in your business? Let them be the one to approach for you for a change!!!

You can pursue your Prospects, or YOU CAN BE THE ONE PURSUED.

  HOW?!? That I PROMISE to share with you on my next blog. Sorry for the suspense, but I really need to shorten this particular blog right now. I also PROMISE you that it is so EFFECTIVE, your prospects would be as EXCITED to know about it, AS YOU ARE SO EXCITED TO KNOW IT right now! 

Don't worry, it is not just a way of putting people into sheer excitement only. It is really revolutionary and a breakthrough. May I suggest you follow this blog and share this article to your friends in facebook? Believe me, you won't regret doing so, and in return, I will be presenting to you on my next blog, MIKE DILLARD'S powerful MAGNETIC SPONSORING Concept.

Thank you very much for reading and God Bless You!


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