How to Claim a Dowry and Upgrading Your Palace


Welcome to CivWorld Tutorial Philippines! When you see the word "Dowry" appear on the "World" button on the Main Taskbar or see the "Wedding Bells" at the top right of the screen, this means that you have the opportunity for one of the Citizens from your City to "marry" a specific Citizen from another player's City. The resulting dowry will give you and the other player a one time bonus in the associated resource with the chosen Citizen. Neither player loses their citizen -- dowries are purely a bonus.

The bonus is 50x the size of the house you marry, if it is within your civilization, or 20x the house you marry if it is someone outside your civilization. 

This would be the perfect time to join a civilization (if you haven't done yet). To claim the dowry:

  • Click on the World (or friends) Button.
  • Select a Civ (or any player). The bonus will be larger for performing the Dowry on someone in your Civ.

  • Select and visit any Player. You'll notice the Main Taskbar will change slightly.
  • Click the City Button on the Main Taskbar to visit their city.
  • Hover over a house of a Citizen and you will see the name of the Citizen and the bonus you will both receive by completing the Dowry. Click on this button to claim the dowry.

  • This bonus resource number will be greater the more productive the target Citizen is. 
  • You will not be able to perform the Dowry on a member in a Civilization you are currently in battle with.

Upgrading your Palace

Always upgrade your palace as large as possible. The larger the Palace, the more productive every citizen of your City is. The Palace can be upgraded by the following:
  • By spending Civbucks (if you have some available from winning contests)
  • By winning the Court of Camelot auction.
  • By completing the Wonder Event of the Renaissance, you can increase your Palace from Small to Modest.
  • By completing the Wonder Event of the Industrial Revolution, you can increase your Palace from Modest to Large.

More on different citizen job types tomorrow. Thanks again for reading CivWorld Tutorial Philippines! I am Paulo Baldemor, click on my name and add me up as your facebook friend. Come let us play CivWorld together!. Let's conquer the World, Socially, possibly with our Philippine Empire!

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