How to be MAGNETIC in Your MLM Business

Hello and welcome again to PauloBaldemor.Com. Today we will be discussing about how to apply MAGNETIC SPONSORING to your MLM Network Marketing Business.

First let me ask you this: Do you really want to be MAGNETIC in your MLM Business???

Are you really ready and serious as to even burn your very own PROSPECT LIST? Don't worry, you WONT BE NEEDING THAT anymore. You won't also be needing to attend HYPED UP Company meetings and trainings as well. 

You need to be REALLY REALLY SURE first, because you will be needing to RADICALLY change how you see and do your MLM business.

Doing Magnetic Sponsoring IS SO DIFFERENT than doing the traditional selling of your MLM business. By doing Magnetic Sponsoring, you will learn that the 3P's of your company: Company PROFILE, the PRODUCTS, and the Marketing PLAN, wouldn't really matter. Because to do MAGNETIC SPONSORING, you won't be PITCHING your MLM Opportunity anymore.

That is because when you do the traditional way of doing the business, you offer your opportunity to other people, just like Real Estate agents offer their business by giving out flyers. In Magnetic Sponsoring however, it is taught that:
“Who finds and contacts the other person first is very important. In Option 1, you were chasing the prospect. In Option 2, the prospect was chasing you, which means you are perceived as the expert, and hold all of the power and value in that situation.”  - Mike Dillard

This is the very reason WHY 97% of Network Marketers FAIL. They CHASE prospects. They are behaving like low class peddlers and used car salesmen.

So STOP trying to SELL them your MLM business opportunity on the first meeting. Stop PROJECTING a Salesman's Image as your first impression. Be a PROFESSIONAL NETWORKER Instead, by SELLING YOURSELF FIRST, and the VALUE (knowledge and experience) that YOU CAN OFFER THEM. 

To do this, the average Juan Dela Cruz should stop seeing MLM as a get rich quick, quick fix solution to his financial problems. A Network Marketing or MLM Company should be seen as what it really is: A FINANCIAL ASSET, just like stocks, CD or mutual fund that grows exponentially and pays out over time.

With that, obviously a PROFESSIONAL Pinoy Networker would be needing a primary fuel for his MLM business, and that is where a regular daytime JOB or a traditional business would come into play. This would be a Professional Networkers' first source of income. 

The second source of income for a Professioanl Networker would be his company's products. Meaning, every networker should know how to sell their products. Actually we as network marketer must do more of selling our products than selling our company. Yes it pays more to have new distributors, but it is easier to sponsor a product user.


Selling people the "HOW" will always be more effective than selling them the "WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE" of the business.

People will join YOU because: 
  1. They see you as a leader/expert, and 
  2. Because you have a system in place that they feel they can be successful with - the HOW TO's of your business.
So, To apply the MAGNETIC SPONSORING technique is to Position yourself as an ALPHA leader and an EXPERT. You must TEACH, EDUCATE, and generously GIVE out truly useful information on how to be a successful home business owner.

Now here's the great part. It doesn't take a lot to increase your value in the eyes of a prospect because most don't have a clue when it comes to building a home business.

All you need to do is know just a little bit MORE THAN THEY DO, and you're INSTANTLY IN A POSITION OF POWER AND VALUE.

Your education should NEVER stop. Increasing your value to the world never stops. You want to make 7 figures in the next 3 years? Go and spend 10,000 to 30,000 on courses and consulting as quickly as you can during that time period.

All of the answers you need to meet any challenge are out there waiting for you. Be smart to invest in yourself, to increase your value to the world, BECAUSE THE MORE VALUABLE YOU BECOME TO OTHERS, THE MORE YOU WILL BE PURSUED.

Spend every dime on information, courses, and books. Go out and learn marketing skills that others are unwilling to learn. Buy every single book you can get your hands on. This will automatically increase your value to others tremendously. Because again, in order to become "magnetic", you must increase your value to others through education and experience.

Believing and knowing that you hold true value to other people, gives you the confidence and abundance mentality you need in order to be Alpha.

So there you have it,  How to be MAGNETIC in Your MLM Business. 

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Thank you so much for reading my blog. I sincerely pray that God will continually bless your MLM business. Until my next article!

Your Partner in MLM Success, 


CuteRimi said…
Hi, I love your post. I'd like to share. MLM companies use a pyramid distribution chain of multiple and usually unlimited levels. Distributors recruit distributors who recruit distributors and so on - it's mathematically impossible for all of the levels to be profitable and it's estimated that the failure rates are as high as 99.9%, however, difficult to know exactly due to unlimited data. If everyone recruits 6 people, 13 levels in is more than the population of the world. It's likely that only top level of the pyramid makes money. thanks, @Rimi from Turn Pennies into Gold with the penny matrix

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