Harvesting Resources

Hello and Welcome again to CivWorld Philippines! Today we will be talking about Harvesting Resources. 

At the lower left of the screen is the "Harvests" button that shows the number of harvest turns the player has. Each time the player uses a harvest turn, all their citizens generate resources at their current rate. Players can use harvest turns whenever they wish, and can freely rearrange their city to produce different resources between harvests.

Players gain more harvest turns steadily over time, but the rate at which they gain them decreases if the player "hoards" their Harvests. Players storing 24 or more Harvests will gain new Harvests much more slowly than those who steadily use their Harvests as they appear. In addition, players with 24 or more Harvests will not gain trickle income. Once the player reaches 50 stored Harvests they will not be able to obtain anymore Harvests.

The Best Time To Harvest

By being selective with Harvest usage, the player can save harvests until he is in an Era that gives a bonus that better suits his citizen setup. For example, the Imperial Era's +50% bonus to Food is more useful to most players than no bonuses, Gold, or Culture, so saving harvests from the start of the game until that Era has arrived will allow the player to maximize his food growth.

Okay, so when would be the best time to use harvests? One ideal time of harvesting would be just before going offline, estimating that you will have less than 24 harvests the next time you log on to the game. And therefore, the best time to use up all your harvests would depend upon the Era bonuses.
  1. The Ancient Era: no bonuses/penalties.
  2. The Historic Era: +25% Gold.
  3. The Classical Era: +25% Culture.
  4. The Imperial Era: +50% Food. (Best time to use up all your harvest for Food)
  5. The Dark Ages Era: -50% penalty to Science.
  6. The Medieval Era: +25% Food.  (Last chance to harvest up Food, then switch your farmers to scientists)
  7. The Middle Ages Era: no bonuses/penalties
  8. The Renaissance Era: +50% Science. (Best time to use up stored harvest for Science)
  9. The Baroque Era: +25% Culture.
  10. The Enlightenment Era: +25% Science.  (Best time to use up stored harvest for Science, then switch your scientists to workers)
  11. The Exploration Era: +50% Gold.
  12. The Nationalist Era: +25% Production. (Good time to use up remaining harvests for Hammers)
  13. The Colonial Era:-50% penalty to Food.
  14. The Independence Era: -25% penalty to Gold.
  15. The Industrial Era: +50% Production. (Excellent time to use up stored harvest for Hammers)
  16. The Depression Era has a -50% penalty to Gold.
  17. The Atomic Era has a +25% bonus to Production.  (Either harvest for hammers or store them up for the next era)
  18. The Global Era has a +50% bonus to Science.  (Best time to use up stored harvest for Science)
  19. The Digital Era has a +25% bonus to Gold.
  20. The Space Era has a +25% bonus to Gold.
  21. The Galactic Era: no bonuses/penalties

There you go, a guide about Harvesting. Thank you again for visiting CivWorld Philippines!  I am Paulo Baldemor, click on my name and add me up as your facebook friend. Come let us play CivWorld together!. Let's conquer the World, Socially, possibly with our Philippine Empire!

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