Culture and Great People

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Do you want your civilization to be an inspirational one, the beacon of arts and culture? Do you dream of the Pyramids, or the Colossus of Rhodes? Today we’re going to talk about culture and great people in Civ World.

Let’s start with Great People. They come in five varieties: Great Artists, Prophets, Scientists, Generals, and Builders. We represent them in Civ World with cards, similar to the cards for military units. What do you do with Great People? You use them to build the wonders of the world (and they also provide 5% bonus each to to their respective resources)! Wonders of the World can provide your civilization with a boost to science, culture, gold, production, and your military; and these boosts benefit everyone in the civilization where they’re acquired.
Each wonder requires a combination of great people to build. For example, you may need a Great Scientist and a Great Builder to build the Library of Alexandria the first time. Once a wonder is built, another civilization can steal it! However, to rebuild the wonder in their civilization, that civilization will have to put additional great people into building the wonder. 
For example, it might cost two Great Scientists and a Great Builder to build the Library of Alexandria the second time. Another caveat is that once you put a Great Person to work on a wonder, you can’t put any additional Great People into the same wonder. So, you’ll need to round up friends in your civilization to help you finish the wonders of the world!
The wonders can also be a path to an era victory if you’re able to build many of them in your civ! It’s not easy to do this, especially since wonders can be stolen back and forth, but the bonuses the wonders provide to everyone in the civilization make them a valuable asset for the whole group to go after together.
There are also a number of recurring wonders, ranging from a timely defeat of an enemy invader to a new free family in your city. Each of these requires just three Great People each time it comes up. There are some very cool strategies you can pull off with these recurring wonders (we call them “Wonder Events"). They won’t help you towards a cultural victory, but they’re another tool in your civilization’s toolbox.
There is a mini-game in Civ World that you can play to speed up your culture rate called the Great Art Puzzle. This picture-unscrambling puzzle is made more challenging by the fact that everyone is working on the puzzle at the same time, so you might find your move being stolen out from underneath you! You have a limited number of swaps you can make on the puzzle, and you get more moves by making more culture in your capital.
Another way to make more culture is to simply assign your citizens as artists, and build them a theater to keep them happy and inspired – you’ll quickly start flourishing culturally. If you are ever appointed as the Cultural Minister of your civilization, you’ll get a very powerful perk. You can contribute as many great people as you like to a Wonder! It can be very satisfying when you build the Oracle by yourself, pulling off a feat that many civilizations aren’t able to do.

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