A Farmer's Life - A Guide to Farming and Growth

Now that I joined a game that starts from the beginning, the game tutorial starts again for me. Fortunately there is a shortcut key to quit the tutorial, and that is the letter "Q". It's my first time to quit a tutorial, I was afraid I wont be receiving the bonus resources and Great Persons, fortunately I was wrong! After pressing "Q", low and behold, I have received bonus resources and a Great Builder, Great Prophet, Great Artist, and a Great Scientist (more on these on my next blogs).

Nice! So what to do now? Well I am seeing my three citizen homeless and jobless so I will create houses and jobs for them. Sounds exciting right? By the way, Citizens are the inhabitants of each player's City and the creators of all the player's resources. Citizens are created naturally by making food in the City or by purchasing food from the Market.

Each citizen requires a House in the city for them to live in. Once the House exists, the citizen will automatically move in and take up a default job -- usually Farmer. Better hurry and build them houses for them to live in. Click the "Build" button and then select "house".

Hurray! They now have houses and jobs as farmers. Hovering over the citizen's House will show what job that citizen has and how much of it they'll make during a Harvest, which occurs each time you use a Harvest turn. The number shown on the portrait for each Citizen is their total efficiency.

Don't click on the harvest yet! I will show you how to maximize each farmer's efficiency. You see, the amount of resources each citizen makes during the harvest is based on three things:
  • How close the citizen is to their raw resource (Farmers resource is either garden, cornfield or orchard).
  • How close the citizen is to their drop-off Location: Palace or Granary.
  • How Happy the citizen is. 
So to maximize each farmer's efficiency, he must be very near to both a field to gather food and a granary to store food. Increase the farmers happiness as well by moving his house near a wall, forest, water tile or a fellow citizen with the same job type. A simple example to illustrate:

I have just doubled each farmers' efficiency by building a garden next to their houses. But their efficiency can be maximized still further. A garden's food capacity is only 15 (the simplest food resource for a farmer). A cornfield on the other hand has a base capacity of 10, but can be increased up to 30 by building adjacent cornfields to it. Let me try that.

By building 5 cornfields in the shape of a cross, I have made the center cornfield's food capacity to 30, thereby doubling the first farmer's efficiency to 8. But there is a final way to maximize a farmer's efficiency, by building an Orchard that has 35 - 50 food capacity and a "Ginormous" Granary next to an "Ecstatic" farmer. Ginormous means upgraded to huge or largest, while ecstatic means overly happy.

As you can see, I increased the first farmer's efficiency to 15, the second farmer to 6, and the third farmer to 5  just by building a Ginormous Granary near them. The first farmer's orchard has a food capacity of 35 instead of its base 15, because this orchard is surrounded by three water tiles. Other ways to further maximize farmers efficiency is by accumulating Great Prophets. Each great prophet boosts food production by 5%. Also some Era has bonuses to the production of food.

Here is an ideal efficiency for a farmer. Don't worry you will be able to achieve much later on your game:

As much as I would like to increase my second and third farmers' efficiency to as well, I am out of hammers. Hammers are the resource needed to create new buildings and military units. That is why I will be converting these Farmers to Workers who produces hammers for the city. I might as well be buying some hammers on the market. Workers will be the next topic of my blog.

This is definitely so much info for today, so we will be concluding for today. Thank you very much for reading
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