Duplicatable SYSTEM

(Very Important: You might Wanna Read The Whole Post)

Don’t worry because this is NOT going to be a Product
Or A Company Promotion Like most of the posts out there.

Baka magpasalamat ka pa sa sarili mo mamaya dahil binasa mo ng buo ito.

I’m Gonna Share with you
Something you’ve never heard of 
in Philippine MLM industry before.


"The SYSTEM" and the following strategies na babanggitin ko is the reason why me and my Team can Attract Prospect to us rather than us chasing them

Meron akong tanong sayo:
"How are you doing in your MLM business?"
(It doesnt matter kung saang company ka.)

Gaano mo na katagal ginagawa ang negosyo?
Ilang Buwan Or Mag-iisang taon ka na ba at wala ka pa ring resulta?
Kinukulit mo padin ba ang mga kaibigan mo at kamaganak para mag join sayo?
Nangingidnap ka padin ba?

Alam mo ba kung BAKIT maraming Tao ang ayaw sumali sa Network Marketing Opportunity mo? 

It's because....

*They DON'T LIKE selling (Ayaw na ayaw nilang magbenta)

*They have LOW self-esteem (nahihiya silang 
humarap sa tao and they dont have a high confidence level)

*They heard so many NEGATIVE things About MLM (Because of some illegal MLM Companies and other networkers who don’t know how to do the business "professionally" ruined the "Image" of MLM)

*They simply don’t want to CHANGE (people in general are not prepared to change their attitude and habits)

*Marami silang kaibigan o kamag-anak sa sumali sa networking na WALA namang resulta

*They DON’T UNDERSTAND how to do the business

*And lastly... they DONT THINK they can do it

These are some of the Reasons Why 97% 
of Networkers FAIL In Their MLM Business.

And so i decided to look for some answers.

It took me months of Reading, Researching, Browsing the Net etc.

...and then my efforts paid off...

A couple of months ago, 
Me and My Team Created "The SYSTEM"
This strategy ay hindi pa kahit kailan ginawa dito sa Pilipinas....

I Started Applying The System In My Business And Guess What..
in 2 weeks time, dahil ginamit ko ang "System" na to, 7 people excitedly joined my team without pushing them my MLM Opportunity.

This System was used in Puerto Rico a few years ago...
The Story Goes Like This...

"Shy" people were selected to join a certain MLM company...

Here's the scenario:
- The city has hundreds of other MLM companies...
- These 3 guys have no "Network Marketing" experience
- They're ordinary employees
- They don't like selling
- They have low self-esteem
- They have NO Leadership experience

(In short, mga "Virgin" pa sila sa negosyong 'to!)...

...And then something amazing happened!!!

These 3 "shy" persons developed a whooping 10,000 downlines
each under their network by just simply following This System after 1 year.

Here’s what I thought:

Why not do the system HERE in the Philippines?

If these "SHY" people made 10,000 downlines in one year, there's NO REASON why my team can’t do it ...

The good thing is... we are now using "The System" In our team

With “The System", any downlines are NOT obligated to mention about:

- The Product
- The Marketing plan
- The Company

And yet PEOPLE STILL JOIN them... 

(Ang kagandahan nito, eh Ikaw pa ang kukulitin ng prospects para lang i-explainan ang business mo) 

The good thing about this "System" is... kahit bago ka pa lang sa networking,  
kahit konti pa lang alam sa networking, kahit di ka marunong mag benta or mag sales talk eh kaya mo tong gawin. 

The most important requirement: 

Most networkers, even the successful ones in MLM, don’t have a System. It’s because they build a network based upon their SALES talents, or because they give great meetings, or simply through the sheer strength of their personality.

But then I realize na Talents in SALES is really NOT duplicatable.
Magaling ka mang mag Present Or mag close ay Hindi ka kaagad magagaya Or maduduplicate ng Downline mo. Alam naman natin na Duplication Is The name of the game.

Kahit Isang katerba pa Ang Downline mo pag Hindi ka nila kayang Maduplicate ay useless din ang effort mo. 

I'll tell you a SECRET WHY "The System" is so EFFECTIVE

that people join my group fast (including other MLM leaders)....

People join networking not because of a Great Marketing plan, a Big company,

Great Compensation Plan, or the best and the greatest product in town.

Yes. Those I’ve mentioned above are a BIG plus... but there’s something more
important than that...

di mo ba nahalata na lumabas na ang ugat mo sa kaka-explain ng business
pero di pa rin sumasali ang prospect mo? 

... Here's the Secret... people DONT join
the business, they join YOU.

Habang kausap mo ang prospect, malamang na eto ang nasa isip niya..

"Kaya ko kayang gawin tong negosyong to?..."
"Hindi ako magaling na speaker na tulad niya...."
"Hindi kaya ako mahihirapan? eh ayaw ko pa  namang magbenta..."
" Naku, mahiyain akong tao..."

We made "The SYSTEM"... na kayang gayahin ng madali ng mga tao ... kahit ordinaryong tao o "high school drop out" o baguhan sa Networking 
eh kayang gawin to.

... and the best part is, people still join the business...

With "The SYSTEM": 

*They dont need to sell the product

*They dont have to memorize the marketing plan at mag-drawing ng bilog-bilog

*They dont need to be very good in convincing people

*Hindi nila kailangang pumilit ng tawo para sumali or do "high pressure" selling...

All they need to do is FOLLOW "The SYSTEM"...

How effective "The SYSTEM" is?

kung sa una eh 1-3 lang ang sumasali sa bawat 10 tao na maka-usap mo eh kapag ginamit na ang "system" eh 6-7 persons ang tiyak na sasali... (you have to understand na hindi talaga lahat ay sasali)

Now I'm giving you a chance to know 
more information about "The SYSTEM"
Simply put your info below so I can send you the details 
on how you can you get access to this information.

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