Today as usual, I opened my facebook page. And just like that, lo and behold, I read a powerful status update from one of my respected MLM Mentor. So instead of copy-pasting it in my facebook status update, I'll blog it instead. Here is the content of the facebook post:

There are many character traits in every home based business owner and entrepreneur but I only want to delve into the top character traits for a top Infinity Downline builder.

Every business is different, but your Infinity Downline is much more different than your run of the mill home based business. For instance, it takes much diligence and sales experience to succeed in MLM, if you use the outdated techniques that your upline tells you about.

But, for today’s economy and because of the vast potential of the internet (which becomes more and more ubiquitous day by day) the following traits will help you leverage the power of the internet. So, that’s why I came up with my Top 10 Character Traits for a Top Infinity Downline Builder post.

Many people see Infinity Downline as a viable option for a business and freedom from their jobs, but in the society we live in, you must have the following qualities to have Infinity Downline success (in no particular order):

10. Trust and Respect: If people can’t trust you and respect what you’re doing, forget about ever being successful or making any money in this industry. You have to be honest with people and you have to EARN respect. People see right through those who are fake.

9. Confidence: If you are not confident in the business you are running, forget about ever getting anyone else involved.

8. Integrity: I once was told the definition of “integrity” is “doing what’s right even when there is no one around.” If you cut corners, if you lie to and cheat people, if you can’t seem to do what’s right, building an Infinity Downline won’t last long for you.

7. Diligence: If you struggle with getting your work done and get burnt out easily building your MLM, this industry is not for you.

6. Innovative: Innovation is the key to business now a days. You will get left behind if you don’t figure out ways to be better at what you’re doing as well as implementing new ideas as quickly as possible.

5. Resourceful: You have to learn to leverage technology (i.e. the internet and computers) to succeed in Infinity Downline today. Did you know that only 3% of network marketers succeed today. I’d be willing to bet that of those 3%, most of them use the internet and systems to help build their business. All the successful MLMers I know use resources to help further their businesses.

...doesn't stop learning
4. Never stop learning: The top Infinity Downline builders in this industry never stop learning. They are always reading, always finding new ways to make money, always coming up with new systems and new trainings. The learning process never stops for a top Infinity Downline builder.

3. Willing to help others: Listen, if you don’t teach other’s how you are successful, it’s going to be a long and lonely road. If you’re in this for yourself, you will never find the satisfaction you are looking for. One of the most important and top character traits for a top Infinity Downline builder to me is the desire to help others.

2. Attract Others: This is crucial, you must attract others, not be attracted to others. What do I mean? If people aren’t coming looking for you, people won’t stay in your business. If you harass people about your business or have to go out and hunt down prospects, you’re doing this wrong. The most successful Infinity Downline builders in this industry attract new members and sales, they don’t go out and get them.

1. Aren’t Salesy (Most important of them all): And, finally, the most important character trait for a top Infinity Downline builder - STOP SELLING (pushing)! People want to get value from you, they don’t want a product. If you want to succeed in MLM, you need to stop selling and start attracting people who want to know what you do based on what they see from you, namely these 10 traits.

So, there you have it, the Top Character Traits for a Top Infinity Downline Builder. If you have these and put them to good use, you will succeed in MLM.


Aldrin Orqueta said…
Thanks for sharing bro. :)

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