To succeed in an MLM business here in the Philippines, a network marketer needs a GREAT Team. A Networker cannot succeed on his own, he needs the leverage of Teamwork to ACHIEVE Networking Success.

Ang MLM po ay hindi One Man/Woman Business, hindi ka yayaman dito ng ikaw lang mag-isa. Kailangan natin mag SPONSOR ng literal na BUSINESS PARTNERS, hindi downlines lang. Kaya nga Network Marketing tayo eh, hindi Recruitment Agency, hindi tayo recruit-recruit lang!

FYI, ang iyong UPLINES at mga downlines ay BUSINESS PARTNERS mo. Partners sa pag-asenso! Pag-asenso nino? Ng Upline mo ba? O ng downline mo? O pag-asenso ng sarili mo?

Hindi po. Success in an MLM business, and in all businesses AS A WHOLE, should be a TEAM SUCCESS. A NETWORK is a SYSTEM, and a System as we all know, cannot function if a PART fails. A failure in one part, is a failure of the whole System.

The Fellowship of the Ring TEAM

Dapat may example tayo ng teamwork. And what I have in mind is the teamwork of the Fellowship of the Ring, of the movie trilogy: Lord of the Rings. Don't worry, hindi ko pahahabain ang topic na ito.

Bago ang lahat, isang tanong muna. Sino sa trilogy ng Lord of the Rings ang Bida? Si Frodo ba na may pinakamabigat na misyon, O si Aragorn na kinoronahan bilang hari ng buong Middle Earth?

Summary of the Movie

The "WHY" o ang Goal:
Sirain ang Ring sa Apoy ng Mount Doom.

The "HOW": 
Dadalhin ni Frodo ang Ring, habang gagawin ng buong team ang lahat para ma-accomplish ni Frodo ang mission nya.

The Nine Members of the Fellowship of the Ring

The Hobbits:
Frodo - the Ring bearer.
Sam - Frodo's loyal partner.
Peregrin - "Pippin" the curious, impatient and careless hobbit.
Meriadoc - a.k.a "Merry", the most perceptive and intelligent of the Hobbits.

The Rest of the Nine:
Aragorn - a Human ranger
Boromir - a Human nobleman
Legolas - An agile master archer Elven Prince
Gimli - an axe wielding dwarf warrior
Gandalf - an elder mage/wizard, a team elected leader


And so the team went on their mission. And sure enough, they experienced tough resistance from Sauron's minions. Napakahirap ng pinagdaanan nila, in fact, it costed them two of their teammates lives: Boromir, who wasn't able to completely resist the Ring's power, and Gandalf the Gray, who died protecting the team. Dito sinabi ni Gandalf ang isa sa mga famous lines nya: "Thou shall not pass!" Kaso sumabit yung latigo nung balrog sa paa ni Gandalf at napasama siya mahulog. (Buti na lang, nabuhay uli si Gandalf sa Part 2 as Gandalf the White).

Gandalf the Gray VS. the Balrog. 

What they experienced was so painfully difficult, that Part 1 of the Trilogy has to end with the Fellowship BROKEN. Nagkahiwahiwalay sila, pero still, the team's spirit or mission lives on. "The show must go on" ika nga, no turning back. TRUST and Commitment are keys to success.

Although the team is considered complete, they cannot finish the mission on their own efforts only. EVEN THE TEAM NEED HELP FROM OTHER PEOPLE. And the following are the people not part of the team, but made their crucial contributions for the whole team:

Arwen - Aragorn's REASON for Living and Fighting. She sent  the sword Narsil to Aragorn.
Elrond - the Elf Lord of Rivendell, father of Arwen. He gave the sword to Aragorn and encouraged him by these powerful words: "Put aside the ranger, BECOME WHO YOU ARE BORN TO BE!"
Lady Galadriel - one of the three Elven Ring of Power holders
Treebeard - leader of the Ents, Guardians of the forest, trees that can see, hear, move and talk.
the Rohirrim - The Riders of Rohan, cavalry army
Theoden Horsemaster - King of Rohan
Eomer - Theoden's nephew, valiant horseman
Eowyn - sister of Eomer, disguised as a male warrior to fight alongside Theoden.
Faramir - brother of Boromir
The Oathbreakers - the Dead Men of Dunharrow, ang mga kaluluwang hindi lang ligaw,kundi isinumpa pa. They are the ones who turned the tide of battle for Minas Tirith's victory. Released by Aragorn into eternal rest after the battle.
The Dead Men of Dunharrow

and a lot more of other people who helped...

Dahil sa MALAWAKANG TEAMWORK, napigilan ang tuluyang pagbagsak ng Minas Tirith, ang capital ng Gondor, the City of Kings, at ang natitirang simbolo ng pag-asa at pagkakaisa ng forces of Good laban kay Sauron.

Ngunit hindi doon nakamit ang totoong tagumpay. Buhay pa si Sauron, at may malaking puwersa pa na nakapaligid sa MORDOR, ang lugar na pupuntahan ni Frodo at Sam. Although they have reached Mordor, para silang bumangga sa pader ng nakita nila ang reserve army ni Sauron.

All seems lost, until Aragorn decided to risk their lives and all his remaining forces. He decided to attack Mordor for a SMALL CHANCE to draw out Sauron's army and attention, allowing Frodo and Sam to safely pass into Mount Doom. And sure enough, Aragorn got what he asked for, and their campaign to Mordor is slowly turning into  suicide.

In the nick of time, the Ring succumbed to the fires of Mount Doom, thanks to Frodo and Sam's heroic, sacrificial commitment. Sauron lost all of his powers when the Ring got destroyed, and his forces slowly disbanded in confusion.

SUCCESS. Sweet success...

The Fellowship gets reunited once again, in total victory!

Ang bawat isa sa mga characters sa "Lord of the Rings Trilogy" ay may PURPOSE o part na ginampanan. Ang iba malaki, at sa iba naman ay di ganun ka significant. Pero hindi magagampanan ni Frodo and ultimate mission nya, OOPS SORRY, repeat, repeat:

hindi magagampanan ng TEAM as a WHOLE ang DEFINITE CHIEF AIM nila

na TALUNIN si Sauron. Nagkataon lang, na ang makakatalo kay Sauron ay nasa mga kamay ni Frodo Baggins. In short, hindi si Frodo ang bida, at hindi din naman si Aragorn. Ang totoong bida ay ang TEAM, ang COLLECTION ng EFFORTS ng bawat isa na nag CONTRIBUTE,whether in DEED, WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT, SUPPORT (either food supplies, morale support, emotional support), and even PRAYERS, Hopes and TRUST for everyone on the Team.

Sa dami ng mga characters sa movie na ito, you can relate yourself sa isa sa kanila. Kahit na pinakamababa pa ang role na ginawa ng character na iyong napili, hindi makakamit ng Team ang success without that character.

John Maxwell has a book entitled: "17 Essential Qualities of A Team Player", and forgive me if  will just emphasise THREE of those related to the movie. Those are being:

1. MISSION Conscious


"MLM is perfect for everyone, but NOT everyone is perfect for MLM." - Ann Sieg

Tigilin na natin ang "Sponsoring Rampage" mindset. Tama na ang paramihan ng recruit. Minsan, kahit gusto na ng tao na sumali sa MLM opportunity natin, it's a wiser decision na tangihan sila sometimes. We can only Sponsor so much. Unless you're willing to commit the time para tulungan at itrain siya, wag mo sya irerecruit.

At tayo din naman, minsan ay magiging prospects din. Isa sa mga natutunan ko ay ang pagpili ng upline. UNLESS MERON SYANG TIME AT COMMITMENT PARA SA IYO, wag kang sasali sa kanya.

The name of the game is not about how many dealers you have, ITS ABOUT HOW MANY LEADERS YOU DEVELOP. 

And developing Leaders is not by CHANCE, but by DESIGN.

Uulitin ko uli yung intro ko kanina: To succeed in an MLM business here in the Philippines, a network marketer needs a GREAT Team. A Networker cannot succeed on his own, he needs the leverage of Teamwork to ACHIEVE Networking Success.

And Real Success is not when you have reached YOUR goals, but it is achieved when EVERYONE has reached EACH TEAM MEMBER'S GOALS. Walang iwanan, tulungan tayo sa negosyong MLM. Dahil kung hindi:


God Bless you and your TEAMWORKING Business!

Your Partner in MLM Success,


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