My Network Marketing Strategy that Failed

I have always wondered why some individuals are so negative about MLM or Network Marketing. I cannot understand why, after all the efforts I exerted, showing them my flipcharts, doing  everything to push my MLM opportunity, they still can't see the beauty of the MLM business. Why won't they join me in my MLM Company? THERE IS CLEARLY SOMETHING WRONG. Maybe it's JUST ME, or those people are really "stupid" and "lowly" employees, blinded by their dependence on salary?

So i tried another approach, in my MLM strategy, as well as my "earning money" strategy. I APPLIED AS AN EMPLOYEE, a call center agent. I guess I needed to be stupid and lowly, at least for me, and my family's BASIC needs. I just said to myself: "People get rich during their SPARE TIME." Thank you, sir Robert Kiyosaki!

I tried hiding my MLM inclinations to my boss and co-workers, displaying my best, to be a perfect employee. I gained their respect and trust, but not to double-cross or mislead them. I BUILT RELATIONSHIPS WITH EVERYONE, rejoicing at the price, of a brand new PROSPECT source. I will dominate this work place with my MLM Company, or so i thought...

I decided to "blow my cover" by inviting them to my well disguised business opportunity meeting. In the process I did sponsor A FEW people, but I also started to lose my credibility immediately. And when they found out how fanatic I am with MLM, I felt like I am an Extra-terrestrial Alien. They can't believe I literally gave out FLYERS on the streets! I don't blame them, even I today congratulate myself for being able to do it, but swore NEVER TO DO THAT EVER AGAIN!

Undercover Network Marketing Agent
At this moment I am back where I started, unemployed but a full time Network Marketer. But I did get lots of experiences and knowledge about our Network Marketing Industry. The two most important realizations I will share to you here for free. I suggest you fasten your seatbelt,cause you're in for a ride.

Number One. "EVERYONE IS YOUR PROSPECT" IS A GREAT AND ABSOLUTE LIE! Because of this teaching and practice, our MLM or Network Marketing Industry is SELF-DESTRUCTING, and being associated with pyramiding scam. This is the number 1 reason why people are so negative about our business. Who do you think would love bugging everyone that breathes? Or who would join you in your Flyer Distribution business? I suggest you read my earliest blogs for more information about this SHOCKING realization.

Number Two. "NO SELLING REQUIRED" is another MAJOR DECEPTION in our MLM Industry. If I will choose which of these two are the WORST OF THE WORST, I will definitely choose this one.

Do you know any Legal business that don't sell any product or service? Even insurance companies have products, no matter how INTANGIBLE it might be. Illegal drug "DEALERS" have a product. And they do NEED to SELL! But definitely for them, everyone is not a prospect indeed. I believe they do have the right to teach us Networkers the CONCEPT of TARGET MARKET.

I have a previous blog about the history of the MLM Industry, I suggest you read it as well. In Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing, we NEED TO MOVE PRODUCTS form our company, to our customers. No product movement, no income, both for the company and for the members. That is why problems abound when we remove the SELLING of products, and replace it with SPONSORING dealers.

Sponsoring dealers, hmmm, is that Dealing dealers, or Dealers of dealers, or what? Confusing isn't it? What do we "deal" with in the first place?

I hear some people objecting: "Our MLM company has a product!" Thats Great! And I know your company do have Product Center, Service Center,  Mega Center, Satellite Center, Center Center, etc. But why are there lots of DEALERS THAT DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SELL? Do your MLM company have a comprehensive and true to the word "SALES" training?

Coz if your company do have, there would be thousand of dealers that  are selling successfully. "97% of Network Marketers Fail" would be A GREAT LIE instead of being A PAINFUL TRUTH. I know, because I'm one of those 97% Failure in MLM. One of the reasons why is because I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SELL, even one sachet of my MLM Company's Coffee product.

If there is one thing I would like to learn in an MLM Company, it is the ability to sell effectively. Even without any one to sponsor, if i could just sell the company's product/s, then I would be able to support my basic needs at least. I do believe that: "SELLING IS THE KEY TO SPONSORING". And that would be the content of my next blog. I am still pondering, if the ability to SELL should be one of the characteristics of A REAL NETWORKER. So stay tuned...

Thank you for reading, More power to your MLM Business!


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