Be Limitless

I have just seen a very interesting movie. It was about a PILL that for one day, lets you access 100% of your brain's full potential, as opposed to the normal 20%. The movie is entitled: "LIMITLESS", starring Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro.

After the protagonist, who was a NOBODY (a.k.a. LOSER), took the pill (and then took it daily), he began to see and hear everything in more detail. Suddenly he had a bird's eye view of what is really happening. He was now PROACTIVE, instead of REACTIVE, to stimuli. He became CONFIDENT and MOTIVATED, was able to recall or access all the information from his memory, and USE IT EFFECTIVELY in every situation. He acquired Organization of Thoughts and Actions, he became an ALPHA Male instantly, and became MAGNETIC in his personality.

He was able to finish writing his book in four days (he was planning to finish it before, but didn't know how to begin). he learned how to play piano in three days, was able to apply mathematical probability in gambling, and developed himself to be multi-lingual. He learned everything. Even becoming a multi-millionaire in 3 days of foreign currency exchange trading. The movie ended with him running as a US Senator.

How would you feel if you can also access more of your POTENTIAL? If you become somewhat "LIMITLESS"? What would you do? How would you make an impact to the world? Even the Sky will not be a limit!

What would you FEEL, if I tell you, somehow, that that pill, do EXIST??? 

Spirulina is not a medicine, but a complete food, food for the smallest and basic unit of our body, our cells. One gram (or two pieces of a 500 MG capsule) is equivalent to 1 Kilo of Fruits, Vegetables, and Fish in terms of nutrients!

The Nutrient Content of Six Grams of Spirulina are: 25 raw carrots or 550 apples for Beta Carotene content; 50 pcs. of Spinach for Iron; 16 pcs of Sardines (the fish inside the sardinas can) for Vitamin B1 content; 47 fresh strawberries for Vitamin B2; 8 lemons for Vitamin B3 (Niacin); 90 grams of bread for Vitamin B6 content; and 7 glasses of milk for Vitamin E.

The PROTEIN content of Spirulina is 6 times richer than eggs, Calcium is 7 times that of milk, Potassium is 10 times more than any vegetable, Vitamin B12 is 2.5 times than beef liver, Vitamin E (tocopherol) is same as of wheat germ.

In short, Spirulina is the most complete form of food we have on the planet, even NASA decided to feed their astronauts on Spirulina only for their space missions lasting 6 months to 1 year.

Want to be LIMITLESS? There is no harm in T-R-Y-I-N-G. I have experienced it, that "SURGE OF BRILLIANCE" being mentioned in the movie. Plus the complete health and wellness of my body!

Unleash your POTENTIAL. Be Limitless! 


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