Word of Mouth

An effective "Word of Mouth" should always come from genuine third party people only. Let me give you an example. I frequently ride a bus when going to Manila. Before, I just wait near the road for passing buses instead of going to the terminal thus saving me time and money. One day I needed to go to Manila. A bus arrived but it was not bound for Cubao.

Bus Conductor: "Sakay na ho kayo. Walang bus na Cubao ngayon!"

Me: "Weh?" (yeah right)

(after an hour)

Another Bus Conductor (3rd bus still bound to Lawton Buendia): "Sakay na ho kayo. Walang bus na Cubao ngayon!"

Me: "Napansin ko nga..." (sakay sa bus, standing with other passengers kc wala na available seats). "Bakit ho pala walang bus cubao ngayon?"

Conductor: "Traffic ho kasi pabalik kaya naubos mga bus Cubao, lahat ay na stranded pabalik..."

Morale of the story? People tend to be skeptics when a person gives advice that may or may not be true, because the person giving the advice will directly or indirectly benefit. Even though the person is genuinely concerned, it is hard to trust him because there is money involved...


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