Last time I introduced the COLD Market as the first place where we look for prospects in our Network Marketing Business here in the Philippines. We learned that The COLD Market is very hard to penetrate because these people are strangers, and most of the time these people are ICY COLD to the opportunity we are offering.

They are very busy, pre-occupied, indifferent, and critical to whatever we are offering, for one simple reason. They DON'T KNOW YOU! And as we all know, we cannot TRUST people we do not KNOW.

Though sometimes COLD marketing still works  (very rarely), those people we tap using COLD Marketing are always clueless, ignorant and "mislead" by our "part-time job" offers. Thus, we can conclude, that COLD marketing is a very inefficient prospecting method.

"Ice Breaker"

The WARM market on the other hand are directed definitely not on strangers, but to our close circle of influence. They are composed of our immediate family members, then very close friends, and then our friendly neighbors, church mates, business contacts or work mates, friends in the community, "ninongs" and "ninangs", and so forth. In other words, "KKK" :).

They are termed "WARM" market because in a way they have some concern, a listening ear, respect, "utang na loob", "pakikisama", or in other words, they are more ready to consider what we offer, in comparison to those people we do not immediately know.

The usual problem that happen when we present our MLM business opportunity to these people in our WARM market, is when we expect them to trust or buy from us, because we are in a way related.

As Ann Sieg emphasized:

 "Just because someone is your friend (or family member for that matter) does not constitute A GOOD ENOUGH REASON for them to buy from you."

If you haven't noticed yet, people do not join an MLM Company, because of its Imposing Company Profile, or the Million Dollar Compensation Plan, or even the Most Breakthrough, Unique, Miraculous, and One-Of-A-Kind Product. People join an MLM Company for only one reason, and one reason alone.

They join YOU, and YOUR GAMEPLAN, or your "HOW TO" System.

In essence, you have a higher batting average or chance of selling or sponsoring these WARM Market people to your Network Marketing business, if and only if, they TRUST YOU, and a much better probability, if YOU CAN SHOW THEM HOW THEY CAN DO THE BUSINESS EFFECTIVELY.

Have you seen the difference between the COLD market and the WARM market? There is a better batting average when you talk to people in your WARM market, because they KNOW and TRUST YOU, and YOU SHOWED them a way HOW TO DO the business effectively.

Does this mean we can't tap strangers, or people that belong to the COLD market? What would then happen when I have exhausted all the people in my WARM market?

Simple! you can still tap people in the COLD market, but you need to convert them to first to be on your WARM market.

How? By remembering that when You talk to strangers, you need to make friends with them, ask for their business problems, then and only then can you OFFER your Business SOLUTION!

This is in contrast to plain old COLD marketing, wherein we immediately offer our Network Marketing opportunities, instead of offering a solution, to uncovered problems.

Coming soon, the Third type of the Target Market, and the best Market to tap in your MLM Business here in the Philippines, it is the burning, RED HOT Market. Don't forget to like or follow my blog!


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