Target Market: RED HOT Market (The Correct Market to Tap)

Last time I explained about how to differentiate your prospects into your COLD Market and Warm Market (just click on those words to read my previous blogs). Now, let us continue to learn more about the term TARGET MARKET, a term that is really alien to NETWORK MARKETING here in the Philippines.

Honestly, the first time I heard that term, it made me sizzle in anger, because I felt it was just a "SOSY" term,."Uy Target Market daw, Sosyal!". :)

It happened when someone was advising me to use this "Target Market" term in my Network Marketing business, so that I can customize how I present it to them. Since I don't know anything about it, I dismissed it at once. I thought to myself: "Pa target target market pa sya, pare-pareho lang naman yun! Pa social lang sya, porke nakapagtapos ka sa UP!"

But to that person, I would like to thank you for introducing that term to me. It took me more than TEN YEARS to finally understand that term TARGET MARKET and how to finally apply it in my MLM business.

To fully understand Target Marketing, we can use temperatures to describe the three types of people or prospects for our business. COLD - for people who don't care about our opportunity, WARM - for people who CARE FOR US, but may or may not care for our opportunity, and RED HOT - for those people that are really READY and WILLING to join YOUR opportunity.

"Work SMART instead of Working HARD"

Before I continue, I would just like to quote this a powerful truth statement by Ann Sieg:

"MLM is perfect for EVERYONE, but not everyone is PERFECT for MLM."

Or simply, not everyone will be interested in MLM. Some people even hate Network Marketing. They are what we call "NEGA", or negative about our business.

I know. MLM is the best business ever. And I know too, that everyone NEED to learn and start to engage in an MLM business. If we could just rehabilitate the image of Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing here in the Philippines, everyone's perception of MLM will change, and they will become more open-minded about our business.

But have you ever thought or analyzed why people's mindset about MLM is NEGATIVE? 

I have. Try to list down the reasons why, then you will have an idea WHO are responsible for the other people's negative perception. You will be shocked to discover, that THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE, ARE NETWORKERS themselves, YOU AND ME.

But that is a subject for another time. What we will be discussing is the TRUTH. Specifically, the correct people or prospects that we SHOULD be tapping. And believe me, they are a BURNING RED HOT MARKET, hungry, craving, SEEKING, wanting, and LOOKING for YOU!

So let go of that mindset that says: "EVERYONE IS YOUR PROSPECT", or that teaching, homework, project, or first step of your business that trainers EMPHASIZE on us:


Because, even after you have successfully sorted them out, they are still under your WARM market, if all of them already KNOW you.

If you have read my previous blog about this Target Market series, you understood that you can MELT those COLD PEOPLE so they become WARM by befriending them.

But, take note, unless your WARM Market are really for MLM or Network Marketing Business, you can never HEAT them up to the point that they become your RED HOT Market.

Know that sometimes by heating up the wrong people, you will instead lose them, and they might even become COLDER to you and your opportunity, COLDER than when you have first started with them.

Do you know that apart from your COLD and WARM Market, there is already a RED HOT, even BURNING Hot Market out there? And yes I assure you they definitely do exist. I promise, you will "SHIT BRICKS" when you understand and find out who they are.

I know you are very much eager to learn about this RED HOT, BURNING Market subject. But sorry I really CANNOT EXPOSE them HERE in this blog.

That information is too valuable to be broadcasted here. I believe there is a proper place and time for us to gather and for me to tell you WHO THEY REALLY ARE. Don't worry, I will still give that information to you for FREE.

"As in HOT na HOT sila sa Opportunity mo."

Send me an email at: so I can get in touch with you.

Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS for being a leader, for taking the INITIATIVE, and for SEEKING OUT the TRUTH about our MLM business.


Unknown said…
hi im am intersted to know about red hot market...
Paulo Baldemor said…
Hello Renato. Sana lang ay pwede ko ishare dito sa blog ko kung sino sino ang mga top target market natin sa MLM business. Talagang red hot sila kainit. Maybe if magkausap tayo ng personal ay maishare ko sayo kung sino sila...
Unknown said…
Hi, Im also interested to know this Red Hot Market. Thanks
Paulo Baldemor said…
Hi Ronnie! Kindly email at so we can get in touch. Thanks for leaving yor comment!
nworld said…
hi im interested sir
Paulo Baldemor said…
Hi, Eilaine! Paki email ako sa para makapag-usap tayo. :)

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