In the Philippine Multi-Level Marketing, and in any other businesses as well, we have three kinds (or temparatures) of market. The first is the COLD market, meaning strangers, i.e. people we dont know. That is why we have the term COLD calling, the sales strategy of calling people randomly, or from a list, and sometimes, even from the phone directory list.

Cold marketing is very very ineffective because this is unproffessional, and strangers or passers-by are UNTARGETED people. I experienced this firsthand when I decided to give out flyers for the first time in my life.

At least proud na proud ako nung namimigay ako ng Flyers...

Right then and there, I really cannot comprehend why my flyering is not working. Now i know. Can you guess what those people who saw me giving out flyers were thinking?

"Ay, ang weirdo naman nito, namimigay ng flyers.""Naku, scam na naman ito, ayokong lumapit. Iiwasan ko tignan para di ako kulitin."
"Hmmp. Ayan na naman ang mga taong ito. Amoy na amoy ko na, networking ang ginagawa nyan."
"Hay naku! Kaya ayaw ko sumali sa networking eh, pamimigayin lang kami ng flyers!"
"Kawawa naman itong taong ito. Siguro wala na siyang pag-asa. Desperado na kaya namimigay ng flyers."

Ouch. The truth really hurts. For my part, I know that I have to swallow my pride if i really wanted to be successful. After months and months of struggling in network marketing, I decided to give out my all. I decided to distribute flyers I myself designed and made.

But you know what? Even though i am really shouting: "Come do business with me!", The message that i was REALLY sending out was this:

"Sir/Mam, napakagandang business opportunity ito, ipapaliwanag ko po. Pagkatapos, bigyan mo ako ng pang-registration dito, papalitan ko ng products, at iba pa. CONGRATULATIONS! Dalawa na tayong mamimigay ng flyers, tara, mag-negosyo na tayo dito!!!"


We need to understand the correct way of MARKETING. We should restore that word "MARKET" in networking, so it becomes Network MARKETing as it really is. And one way of doing that is by understanding the concept of TARGET MARKET.

Stay tuned for the second and third kind of market. The WARM Market and the RED HOT Market. Thanks for Reading!


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