How I learned about selling

in the early 90's, when i was just a grade 4 student, i got interested about selling. i saw some of my classmates selling chocolate candies, milk powder, etc., to my fellow classmates. i saw them enjoying selling, and my buying classmates willfully trading their "baon" for some chocolate candies. that was fun i guess...

so out of curiosity, i went to my tita who has a wholesale candy store and bought one. i paid 2.00 pesos for a milk chocolate powder pack. it has ten sachets with SRP of 0.25 cents. so i offered it to my classmates, and 10 to 15 minutes later i was then sold out. i noticed that my 2.00 pesos has grown to 2.50, and was amazed that i had just earned 25% of my investment! i said to myself if i did bought 4 packs of those, i will be able to buy five packs at the end of the day, to be resold the next day.

and so the next day i excitedly brought to class 4 packs of different chocolate candies. My classmates as usual bought eagerly, but i was not that sold out like before, i had still some candies left. at that very young age i started to experience the "law of diminishing returns" or "pagsasawa." I also learned about competition, my other classmates still prefer buying from their "suki" classmates. Selling was not that fun as before, but why worry? I was just selling for the sake of selling, out of curiosity.

I then began to eat some of my candies, while enjoying grade school class. I just said to myself: "So what? Tomorrow will be another day!" So then my beloved readers, let us not forget to have fun while selling.


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